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Argentine Tango Classes

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General Group Lessons Schedule

Monday evenings (starting February 27, 2017)

  • 6:30 - 7:30 Fundamentals
  • 7:30 - 8:30 Practica
  • 8:30 - 9:30 Intermediate/Advanced


Fundamentals are for beginners AND for experienced tango dancers who want to improve their technique. Repeating Fundamentals sets will help you improve. Discounts apply: 1st repetition 25% off; 2nd + repetition 50% off.

  • The curriculum is presented in sets of 4 lessons. Each set has specific focuses.
  • The Fundamentals curriculum consists of 4 sets which are rotated: Ochos, Cruzadas, Giros, and Rebotes.
  • All sets include the following focuses: Motion Principles; Connections; Musicality.
  • Content is progressive within a set.
  • A beginner can start with any set, but should attend the first lesson of that set, or wait until the next set starts.
  • Lessons are taught primarily in open embrace.

Intermediate / Advanced

Intermediate/Advanced lessons are for students who are proficient with the core concepts of Argentine tango. Read more.

  • The curriculum is presented in sets of 4 lessons. Each set has specific focuses.
  • The Intermediate/Advanced curriculum is always new and never repeated.
  • Content is progressive within a set, therefore students are recommended to attend from the first lesson of any set or wait until the next set starts.
  • Intermediate/Advanced students learn in both open and close embrace.

​Intermediate/Advanced set topics change every set.


The Practica is for everyone. It is free when attending that evening’s lesson or $5 to drop in.

  • To make the most of your lessons, attend the practica.
  • The practica is free when attending that evening’s lesson.
  • Not attending the lessons? Drop-in to the practica for $5.
  • Practicing what you learned in the lesson will speed up your progress significantly.
  • Instructors are available for guidance in the practica.
  • The practica gives you an opportunity to meet other dancers.

Please arrive early for your first lesson to register and pay. To register and pay in advance, call 604.881.1234 (Dancing for Dessert) or 778-773-9904 (Bobbi & Patricia).

...with Bobbi & Patricia Lusic

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Private Lessons

Why take Argentine tango private lessons?

Perhaps you can’t attend the group lesson times or you may prefer to learn in a private setting. Whether you add private lessons or take only private lessons, the benefits are clear.

  • You receive expert instruction and instant feedback on content custom-tailored for you. Therefore, you progress more rapidly than with group lessons alone.
  • Private lessons are also recommended for couples who prefer not to change partners or students desiring choreographed routines.
  • Private lessons are offered for leaders and followers, for solo or paired dancers.
  • Private lesson packages are available.

To book, contact Bobbi & Patricia directly at 778-773-9904 / info@tangobug.com

All private lessons are held at Dancing For Dessert Studio, #3-20279 97 Ave, Langley, BC V1M 4B9 (Map)